About Me

I am Katharina, a psychological counselor and alternative practitioner
for systemic psychotherapy in an individual setting for adults.

I help people to really be themselves. Because I am convinced that this is the basis for a healthy and happy life and that everyone is entitled to this.
I believe that the world will be a better place if more people take care of their mental health and promote it.

I specialize in particular in social anxiety and self-esteem. I also help people in conflicts and crises of meaning to achieve greater clarity and satisfaction.

My approach is holistic. For me, this means that not only the mind, but also the body and emotions are given their space. And even if this does not necessarily play a role in our work together, the spiritual aspect of being is also part of my view of humanity. 

How I work

What can you expect from me?

I don’t believe that psychological counseling or psychotherapy has to be a strange, distant or unpleasant experience. We meet as equals and have open, motivating and goal-oriented conversations. Whereby the goal is always determined by you.

You can assume that I will treat you with an open mind. Because I consider your trust to be something special.

My work is empathetic, honest, encouraging and resource-oriented.

Holistic systemic approach


  • Body-oriented methods
  • Talk therapy that includes the body
  • What does my body want to tell me?
  • What can I learn from my body?
  • How can I feel life again with all my senses and in all the cells of my body?
  • The body serves as an anchor in the here and now Perceiving bodily sensations means being present and facilitates therapeutic access to emotions.


  • What motivates me?
  • What resources do I have?
  • What do I want? What is my longing? What are my goals?
  • Our mind can help us to understand our feelings, but we still have to learn to feel them.


  • We are not just our personality with the experiences of the past and our ideas about our future.
  • When we ask ourselves – Who am I? – we can learn that we are always essentially part of a larger universal consciousness. This can help us to see our challenges from the observer’s perspective and take them more easily

I am driven by…

I want to help you feel completely right.

You are the expert for your life. I support you in finding your own clarity and strength.

I support you in living out more of yourself.

I want to help you to be more yourself.

I help you to accept challenges and deal with them.

Holistic help at eye level that helps you find meaning and clarity.

About me

  • State-certified and recognized alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Certified psychological counselor
  • Certified systemic consultant
  • DBVB-certified health therapist for stress management and burnout prevention
  • Linguist
  • Communications researcher

More about me

Training as a systemic counselor and therapist

  • Specialist training in systemic counseling and therapy | Berlin, according to DGSF guidelines
  • Certified psychological counselor
  • State-certified and recognized alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Teaching therapeutic self-awareness and teaching supervision
  • Additional qualification in stress management and burnout prevention | DBVB certified
  • Instructor for autogenic training, mindfulness & meditation


  • Degree in Linguistics and Literature, specializing in Communication Psychology | B.A. University of Kassel and Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier
  • Guest lectureship in the Department of Psychology | University of Kassel and Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier
  • Internship at the Institute of the German Language, Mannheim, focus: analysis of psychotherapy conversations

Alternative healing methods, self-awareness

  • 2.5 years traveling the world – for self-awareness and to get to know alternative healing methods/natural healing methods (indigenous shamanic healing methods, herbal medicine, Reiki, hypnosis, energy healing, meditation, breathing techniques, therapeutic fasting)

Stations of the journey

  • Shamanic healing methods & natural remedies: 4 months with shamans in the Peruvian jungle
  • Alternative & natural healing methods in the Peruvian Andes, hypnosis, Reiki: 6 months
  • Vipassana meditation: Learning a meditation technique 11h daily: Sensitivity for body awareness
  • Followed by 2 months of work in women’s circles, female empowerment
  • 6 months employee in retreat center
  • Further training in alternative healing methods (EFT, kinesiology), raw food, fasting, mediation, breathing techniques, yoga, permaculture (living and working in harmony with the surrounding ecosphere)
  • Meditation retreats
  • Advaita Vedanta -Satsangs
  • Yoga-Retreats
  • 3 months

What have I learned & what influences my current work?

As important as professional qualifications are, it was actually only through my travels that I gained a deep understanding of life and people. Leaving everything behind, going off on my own and seeing my western socialization and imprint from a completely different perspective has fundamentally helped me to get a much more essential and bigger picture of being human.  

During my long journey, I have broadened my horizons in many places and gained an understanding of how mental illnesses manifest themselves in other cultures and how they are understood and cured using alternative medicine.
I was also able to experience how people still live in harmony with their natural habitat and see themselves as part of their ecosystem.
Animistic and spiritual world views and experiences have moved me deeply and to this day give me a more complete understanding of the human being – a meaningful extension of my western-scientific background.

Through meditation, breathing techniques and deep self-awareness in wild places in nature, I have gained a deep insight into the psyche and the almost infinite possibilities of the human being.

Nahaufnahme Blatt

Healing through bodywork

  • After my journey, I worked in Berlin for 3 years as a masseuse for mindful holistic body massage and experienced the body as a very important component of mental health. Mindful touch can be very helpful in strengthening our ability to accept ourselves. Blockages in both our body and our psyche can prevent us from flowing in harmony with life. The body serves as an anchor for the here and now and as a signpost for the directions in which we can go.
  • The body is also an important part of my current work, but in psychological counseling and psychotherapy I work exclusively without physical contact.

Additional professional and personal qualifications & further training for personal development

  • Instructor for autogenic training, mindfulness & meditation
  • Leitung von Workshops, z. B. zu den Themen Begegnung, Gemeinschaft, soziale Ängste
  • Non-violent communication
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Group therapy
  • Hypno-systemic therapy (according to Gunther Schmidt, Milton Erickson)
  • Radical Honesty®
  • NARM therapy (therapy for attachment trauma)
  • Emotionale Heilarbeit (Heart IQ, Sharing-Circle, Emotional-Release-Workshops)
  • Concious Relating
  • Body therapy methods (“embodiment”)
  • Movement and dance therapy methods
  • Sex therapy methods
  • Awareness work
  • Shamanism