Where & How

In the practice room, online, walk & talk


Practice room

My practice is located at Arndtstraße 11, embedded in a charming old building from 1878 in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg.


I also offer online video chat sessions via Doctolib.
I take the protection of your data very seriously. Doctolib uses the highest security standards known to me.
Doctolib is much more secure than Zoom, for example. Doctolib employees and managers do not have access to your data or our online conversations themselves

Click here for the extended privacy policy for the DOCTOLIB online appointment service.

Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk sessions in Tiergarten Park or on Tempelhofer Feld are also a good alternative if you feel uncomfortable in a practice room or if you like to clear your head while walking.

Walk & Talk

When walking in the fresh air, the local change to the outdoors and the movement not only stimulates the brain, but also the entire organism with new stimuli. Thoughts literally have more space and can flow more freely. This can also give rise to new thoughts and perspectives.

Tempelhofer Feld

What does a session look like?

Our cooperation

In the initial consultation, we get to know each other and discuss your concerns. After all, it’s important that the “chemistry” between the two of us is right and that you feel comfortable working with us.

All your thoughts and feelings are welcome. There are no expectations of you. You don’t need to fill a role here. You are allowed to show yourself as you are. And I know that it’s not that easy. In our work together, there are no good or bad thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Everything you perceive about yourself can be observed and explored without judgment.

After getting to know each other and discussing your goals, we will also talk about a time frame for the counseling or therapy. Some conflicts can be treated in just a few sessions (4-8), while long-term problems usually take more time (20-40 sessions). Some clients also make a conscious decision for long-term support.

You are not bound to a specific number of hours. However, in order to achieve improvement and stabilization of the results, it is important that you follow the recommended treatment duration. Premature discontinuation of counseling or therapy can jeopardize the results.

A weekly or bi-weekly cycle has proven itself depending on the topic, but in coaching you also have the option of deciding flexibly when you want to take advantage of a session.

From the second session onwards, 90-minute sessions are often more useful than 60-minute sessions, as they allow for more depth. We will decide in advance of the sessions how much time we will allow.

You can decide to pause or end our work together at any time. Basically, it is always an internal process that requires above all your willingness to change. Your task is to work with us.


Initial consultation 60 minutes 90 €*
Follow-up appointment 75 minutes 125 €*
Follow-up appointment 105 minutes 170 €*
Self-paying practice: As a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner and psychological counselor, I do NOT bill the statutory health insurance companies. Private health insurance companies may sometimes cover the costs. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Check with your private health insurance company about the relevant insurance agreements before starting treatment. I have a “license to practice medicine in the field of psychotherapy”. I do NOT bill according to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH) and NOT according to the Hufeland schedule.

I can’t heal you – only you can!

Duty of confidentiality

According to § 203 StGB, I am subject to confidentiality.
It goes without saying that I treat all my clients’ information and data as strictly confidential.
This applies both to the entire content of all conversations held and to the fact that a treatment relationship exists with you.